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What to do when someone dies

Step One: Contact the next of kin and family members.

Being with those closest to you following a death provides a valuable emotional support network. It is also helpful to start working out when all those to be involved in making the funeral arrangement can be together, especially when different family members are out of town, or immediately unavailable.

Some families find comfort in all being together, to say goodbye, at the loved ones place of death. This is normal and natural.

Step Two: Contact the family doctor or attending physician to advise of the death.

Before we can transfer your loved one a doctor is required to attend and certify that life is extinct.  This can either be done in a short period of time or could take a number of hours.  The doctor is responsible for issuing documentation required before a cremation or burial can take place. In the course of arranging the funeral we will obtain these documents from the doctor for you. In some situations they are unable to issue these forms and the Coroner will need to be involved. If the death has occurred in a hospital or nursing home the duty nurse or other responsible staff member will often do this task for you.

Step Three: Phone us on 08 8311 3991 or 0411 235 882.

We are here for you 24 hours 7 days to provide you with guidance and assistance.

Firstly, we'll answer any questions you have. Then we'll do things like organising the transfer from the place where the death has occurred, and arrange a time and place to meet with you and those to be involved in making the funeral arrangements.  Do not feel in a rush to start making preparations.  Take a breath and do things at a pace you are comfortable with.


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