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Cremation or Burial

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Direct Cremation

Two choices with a no viewing option or the more formal choice at the funeral home or Centennial Park Viewing Room

Essential Services

Simple funeral chapel services designed to be lighter, more affordable and dignified.  Held in a range of locations in Adelaide.

Full Services

Held at West Hindmarsh, Enfield Memorial Park or Centennial Park Chapels with a range of included products and services.

Church Services

Your church option with a range of choices from Essential to Premium.  Flexible and affordable designed for all faiths.

Natural Burial

Become a tree with two dedicated natural burial grounds in Adelaide : Wirra Wonga in Enfield and Pilyu Yarta in Smithfield.

Burial Services

Church, Chapel or Graveside burial options.  We also offer no service direct burials.  Have a look at our range of options.

Home Funerals and Alternative Locations

Your own home, aged care home, family home or a location of your choosing.


We can provide just the essential legal and health requirements and leave the service up to you.  Simple flexible packages to help.

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