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Special Coffins

Apart from our range of eco, natural and low polluting coffins, we also offer the unique Expression Coffin range.

Expression coffins are available in a wide range of decorative designs and you can even custom design with personal photos or design one yourself online.

For something English and soft, we can also provide wool caskets from Yorkshire, England.

Cremation Memorials

We stock and have access to a large range of urns and personal keepsakes.


If you would like as to place remains in urns provided by us we are happy to assist.


A few more ideas to consider

 Photo Boards

A photo board is a simple way of showing photos instead of a DVD photo presentation. It can also be used in conjunction with a DVD to show additional images a person’s life. We can help you with the photo gathering process and offer advice on how best to display the memorabilia.

 Memorial Websites

A memorial website is a lasting tribute for everyone you love to see. A memorial website can tells the story of someone who has passed for generations to appreciate. Works, pictures, video and music all tell a story that is priceless to everyone.

 Memorial Table

The memorial table is a dedicated space for wonderful memories. Personal items such as clothing (hats, special jumpers, scarfs etc), photos, candles and trophys can be placed here either inside the chapel, out the front or the lounge afterwards (or a combination of all).


Tribute DVD

A high-quality tribute DVD can display a selection of life images together with music. A great tribute DVD can be a wonderful and engaging way to remember someone. We can make these in-house or have a unique presentation made for you. Copies can be provided.

 Flowers & Gifts

We offer a wide range of flowers and memorial gifts to families. Call us today to discuss the many options available.

 Custom Memorial Cards

Printing is a special and tactile way to create memories of your loved one as well as communicate information about a funeral. We can design for you a special card, together with a memorial book or bookmarks. 

Special Music

There is nothing quite as special as remembering someone with music. A loved one’s favourite classical, pop, rock or jazz piece can be a unique and wonderful part of saying goodbye.  


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