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Who to lead a service

The choice of a Civil Celebrant, Funeral Celebrant or Clergy.

Civil Celebrant

A Civil Celebrant is a professional who consults with the family to create a service and eulogy personal to the families needs.  They can speak as much or as little as the family need to tell their loved ones story.  Some simply open and close the service letting family and friends speak in between, others do all the talking on behalf of the family.

A  Civil Celebrant usually covers the personal tributes and eulogy, talks about where they were born, who they married, children and life story.  There is often a DVD photo presentation, appropriate music other personal tributes. Religious prayers, hymns and singing can also be included in a civil service.

Funeral Celebrant

We have experienced staff celebrants who can lead a service similar to a Civil Celebrant.  Talking more generally, they encourage family and friends to cover the personal stories of the deceased themselves.  They normally don’t talk about the person in detail but can read pieces on behalf.

A funeral celebrant will open, guide and close a service and all have conducted many hundreds of services.


If you have a particular minister of religion, we will liaise with them to ensure a service goes smoothly.  You can choose to hold the service in a church or a funeral chapel.  Often it will be up to the family to read the family eulogy but our staff are happy to assist in readings if requested.


The Natural Funeral Company have a number of experienced Civil Celebrants, on-staff Funeral Celebrants and semi retired or active clergy that we recommend to conduct services.