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This form is used when families have no formal arrangements with The Natural Funeral Company.  On occasions clear authorisation may be requested for us to bring a deceased person into our care.  The Natural Funeral Company will advise you when this form is needed.

Request a transfer


authorise The Natural Funeral Company (TNFC) to transfer from place of death, or from the State Coroner

who passed away at

I am the authorised representative of the family, executor or other appropriate person and have the full right to make such request. I understand that if I request TNFC to transfer the above mentioned deceased and then select a different funeral director, TNFC will charge a transfer fee payable prior to release of $350. This is not a contract for funeral services and the authorised person will only be liable for transfer costs. If, upon arriving at location where you have advised TNFC that the deceased person is located, finds that another funeral director has already undertaken the transfer, an additional fee of $350 will apply.